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Why do I feel vaginal itching and pain during intercourse? - A Vulvodynia Study

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About Vulvodynia is a website designed to increase awareness pain during intercourse for females. This pain is called Vulvodynia, a painful vaginal condition that affects many women. Symptoms include painful penetration, pain during intercourse, vaginal itching, hot, stabbing, or burning sensation in the vaginal area. We seek to inform women about this condition and the possibility of participating in a study we are conducting to provide treatment.

We began recruiting for the study, painful intercourse in female, in July 2012. We are currently enrolling patients in our multicenter trial that involves specialists from three major medical universities: UTHSC, URMC, and Rutgers. Along with our website and other media outlets, we hope to reach out to women with this condition who may benefit from participating in our study.

What is Vulvodynia?

Vulvodynia, also known as provoked vestibulodynia (PVD), is a type of pain in the vulvar area.
Common triggers include:

  • Vaginal penetration (pain during intercourse)
  • Tampon insertion (painful penetrations)
  • Pressure to the outer vagina (intercourse pain on entry)
  • Burning sensation in vaginal area
  • Vaginal Itching

How Many Women are Affected?

What Options are Available?

  • Treatment options are limited
  • Several non-evidence based options exist to reduce pain during intercourse
  • Patients can see clinicians and specialists
  • Patients can participate in clinical trials

How Do I Qualify for the Study

  • Are you in the Memphis TN, Rochester NY, New Brunswick NJ, or surrounding areas?
  • See our homepage for a simple questionnaire and we will contact you
  • You can also contact us directly

About the study:

Participants will receive:

  • Study medication one half of the time
  • Placebo (inactive treatment) one half of the time
  • Study-related care at no cost
  • $50 per visit, or a total of $300 - $350 if all six - seven visits are completed

All Information (protected health information) given is private and protected under federal privacy regulations.

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